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Visa startup Road

Visa startup Road

Visa startup Road

Every path starts with a story, every story has one or more authors. We are the author of your immigration path to Canada.
Immigrating to another country is always like starting a new life. We want to start a new life with little information and almost no experience. A new story of life. It’s kind of like the book of our life. A book that has several chapters and each chapter is a separate story. But the whole story is a life. We will be very happy if you let us draw this chapter of your life for you.

Visa Startup Team is neither an immigration agency nor an immigration lawyer. We are just a multi-department team that can help startups form and grow.

Our technical team can add technology to your startup, our business team can add all the things that a startup needs from a business point of view, our mentor team can keep your team mentally ready in the best state.

Our duty is to facilitate your immigration processes. We will do our best to prepare you to enter the Canadian market. We are looking to create a very targeted community of Iranian startups in the whole world because we believe that the power of a group of innovative and creative startups can help the growth of each one of them and the growth of society. We are here to grow ourselves as we grow each other. Our benefit is your benefit 🙂

Visa startup mentor

Visa startup mentor

It’s not just about getting results. Visa Startup Mentor helps you and your team to recognize the challenges and make the best decision to deal with the events. This path is not only business, this path is “human and mental challenges” of your team

Startup synergy

Startup synergy

They say that many minds are better than one. The Visa startup team and your startup team will hold several meetings to form a successful business and move forward with strength. This synergy makes it possible to solve it in several ways if there is a problem somewhere

Startups that we had the honor of working with so far


Can I rely on your promises?

We always try to provide you with the most up-to-date information, but you should not rely on our words, nor the immigration lawyer, nor the immigration agency. The only legal and official authority is the website of the Immigration Department, and anything other than that will be a lie. So please compare all the words and promises with the official website of the Immigration Department and then make a decision


Can we choose approved organizations?
First, you have to interview several incubators. Then let’s see how many of them give OK and send a contract. Then we are the ones who choose. But in the first step, they have to choose us
In what situation can we be rejected?

In this path, there are several things that increase the probability of success

???? Team: Team members should not have any problems and should know that their background has a direct impact on their rejection or approval.

???? Plan and idea: Or a fictitious and unrealistic plan whose task is specific, and I don’t think that an unrealistic plan will reach a real result (maybe two or three cases are lucky in a hundred thousand cases), but if it is a real plan, two situations will occur.
The first case: it doesn’t sell and you tell the government that according to these documents and documents, which by the way, in these two years, the incubator was with us and your officers were checking us, we couldn’t sell and we failed. In this case, the probability of going to Peer Review is less than 10%, and if you go to Peer Revo, you can go to Court, where the probability of winning is over 98%!
The second case is that the plan and idea goes successfully and you get money and everyone is happy

What can I do in Canada?

Essential members do not have the right to work

Only and only on their own startup
But he can work with the member and according to his experiences and… It can cost a living. Now the minimum wage is 17 dollars per hour and if an employer pays less than this, the worker can complain
The salary of a simple restaurant cashier in Toronto is about 20 dollars per hour. Let’s count the same 17 dollars, if he works 8 hours a day, it will be 136 dollars a day. If he works only 20 days a month, it will be $2,720 a month!

After the letter is issued, can we wait for PR and not apply for a work permit?
Yes. There is no requirement to get a work permit visa and you can enter Canada directly with PR. But be careful, you are starting a business in Canada and you are taking action for this purpose. And the nature of the startup is to do the processes quickly. So why wait two or three years? I suggest that at least one of the essential people should apply for a work permit visa.
Does everything end after LoS is issued? Will we be relieved?

After the letter of support, the work should be launched and move forward

The task of the incubator is to monitor your project for up to one year and sometimes up to 18 months and give a technical report to the immigration office.
Sometimes it asks you to update, sometimes they do it in different ways
How likely you are to be rejected depends on two things

1- The plan should be fake and the officer will understand
2- Members have problems. It means that any member who has a legal problem, the whole team will be questioned and there is a possibility of rejection. For example, I am your partner and I commit murder there… until the PR is not issued, this work of mine will affect you and we will be rejected as a couple.

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