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We help startups to reach from the idea stage to the incubator stage 🙂

There is always a mentor next to your team so that the idea that exists in the mind of the founders comes to the real world. The technical and business team are also working for this general idea so that you can enter the incubator course.

Who is the startup mentor?
What is the pre-incubator course for startups?

Welcome to the strange and fascinating world of startup

We welcome your entry into the world of startups. We believe that everything in the real world is a journey. A journey of a heroic journey. A journey that confronts you and your team with different, fascinating and complex challenges. We are here to help you in this startup journey. But what to do?

Is everything perfect?

If you have an idea and your team is complete in terms of members and you just need a mentor and idea implementation, we can help you.

Do you have an idea but no team?

If you have an idea but you don’t know which people you should count on to become your teammates, we will help you to build a team.

Do you have a team but no idea?

There is no problem, we will hold a meeting together so that the idea is born from the team itself and then we will help you to develop it.

Canada visa startup mentoring and consulting tariffs list

We tried to make the pricing very fair. But if you think these numbers are not fair with the list of facilities and services we provide, you can tell us your price, maybe you are right 🙂


Startup consulting

Suitable for teams that need a consultant and can do the rest themselves


  • Advice on product development
  • Advice on STP
  • Product technical advice
  • Business document production consulting
  • Consultancy for the production of startup documents

Consultation and purchase


Standard mentorship

This mentorship is for teams that have both an idea and a complete team and just need a mentor for the entire journey

/ until the contract with the incubator

  • Preparation of business documents
  • Preparation of startup documents
  • Interview with incubators
  • MVP product development
  • Full group mentorship

Consultation and purchase


360 degree mentorship

This package is for those who want to have a mentor and technical team by their side until their permanent residence in Canada and the growth of their startup.

/Until PR Canada

  • All standard facilities
  • Product development after launch
  • Business development after the first financial year
  • Technical and programming product development
  • Negotiations with Canadian investors for round one

Consultation and purchase

Startup mentorship numbers

Let’s take a look at the numbers of this period. We started our work seriously from Bahman 1400


free consultation


Interview with incubators


Funding for teams


Letter of support issued

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